Performance of business processes with a BPM’online solution

Performance of business processes begins when the ready model appears on the application server. Functioning of the system is arranged so that at the same moment it is possible to start a large number of copies of this or that process by BPM’online solution Since the first event and finishing with the last, business process is implemented on the basis of his graphic model. Lists of those works which have to be made by employees the company at the same time are formed in the automatic mode. The task is appointed to this or that user only when the time of execution of the corresponding stage has come.

All performers obtain information only on those works which are intended for them and know nothing about other tasks. Each user has to do only that it is entrusted to him and shouldn’t trace other steps of the business process. Tasks are defined by the system automatically.

All tasks which are set for users are made out as the pages containing all information necessary for the performance of work and for decision-making.
In case the performer has to enter any data, the page will have special fields which should be filled. It turns out that the user receives all the required resources and carries out objectives in one place.
From the user it isn’t required attention to what work will be done by the following performer, the BPM’online application is responsible for it. If there are tasks for which execution real actions of staff of the company aren’t necessary, BPM’online carries out them in the automatic mode with very high speed. It can be the definition of the concrete course of the process, execution of scenarios, a parcel of messages and many other things.

Monitoring and business process management

The started process has a certain number of copies, and on each of them, the card is got. Any of them has everything necessary information on a concrete copy, these are the current indicators executed at present tasks, the statuses of tasks, their performers, etc.
By means of a card of process management of his course which the user having demanded this right can carry out is made. At the same time, it is possible to change characteristics of the processor to interrupt his execution.

Example of the business process of the company that can be performed with the BPM’online solution

Besides by means of ordinary watch facilities heads have an opportunity to trace these or those tasks. As well as all other problems, problems of processes are reflected in the BPM’online solution which you can download and get acquainted with on this website.

Zones of responsibility and stages of execution are specified. Thus any process is adjusted and displayed in the BPM’online.

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