Iridium spark plugs

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Spark plugs are quite an important element in a car engine. It depends on their work – steady work, start-up (both cold and hot), fuel consumption and even power.

Therefore, manufacturers are constantly working on this element, improving it. One of these “evolutionary leaps” is – iridium (some are called platinum) candle.

Iridium is an element with atomic number 77 (in the Mendeleev DI system). It has a high density, high resistance to corrosion, resistance to acids and alkalis (even at a temperature of 2000 ° C).

Differences from iridium spark plug from standard ones
After about half of the operational life, copper spark plugs increase fuel consumption by about 4%, and there is also a gradual increase in toxicity. After some more time, fuel consumption may increase to 9%. As a rule, iridium candles begin to work worse only at the very end of their useful life.

Maintenance of this type of automotive spark plugs remained virtually unchanged. The devices can be used without any problems on more than 160 thousand kilometres (on the vast majority of modern car models).

To the engine constantly demonstrated high efficiency, as well as stability in operation, many manufacturers recommend replacing a little more often.

Various problems with the motor, a high degree of pollution, or very frequent switching on or off, can lead to a noticeable decrease in their service life.

In order to carry out a quick and correct replacement of candles, it is not at all necessary to buy new electric wires, you just need to choose the appropriate thread diameter, pitch and length.

Iridium spark plugs for gasoline vehicles – ideal for those motorists who have expensive and powerful cars with mileage exceeding 5,8 thousand km a year. You don’t need to choose between the maximum allowable service life of the device and high performance. Iridium candles successfully incorporate these two qualities.

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