contesting a will

It isn’t end of the road for you if you have been omitted in a will

If you feel that you have been excluded wrongly from a will and it is only fair that you have your name included in it then the only option available with you is to fight for your acceptance. Our team has been leading this space for over 25 years and with experienced attorney like Richard Cudlipp there is a high possibility for you to win your claim. Richard’s experience in will and power of attorney is unparallel in the industry. We understand our customers dilemma of fighting for their acceptance in the will of a deceased person as they need to subtlety or will seem as disrespectful to the person who is deceased hence we look to get the answers to your questions swiftly, what we assure our customers is that you will be entitled to correct information and counsel from your team of lawyers, no legal terms that can be confusing for the lay will be used instead layman English will be used to explain to you regarding your standing with the contesting a will.

Our transparency policies with our customers make them feel confident of the process

 It is critical that the plaintiff is informed on every step of the process so that he is at the same page as his lawyers. When you approach initially we start our work right away by nit picking every single details you have to share so that we understand your case and provide you with the pragmatic advise on whether you should contest a will or not.

You pay for our services only when you win

When you make the decision to move ahead with the fight against your name not being named in the will, we provide you with initial cost of the procedure and we have a policy of taking the fees from the winning claim amount so that you don’t have dig deep in your pocket to make the payment, and if we don’t manage to win the case for you then we don’t charge you for our services.

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