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Who are the leading solicitors in Cardiff?

We all need to call on the services of a solicitor at some point in our lives. You may need legal advice concerning buying a new home or a boundary clarification between properties; you may need help concerning family issues or even writing a will. Either way, you will require the services of a professional solicitor who you can confidently trust and work with concerning the matter in hand.

For some, the word of a trusted friend or colleague who has dealt with a solicitor on a previous occasion is enough, but even if you are fortunate enough to have the benefit of a first-hand recommendation, you should still be prepared to ask questions to ensure that the solicitor you consult is the right one for you.

Obviously, professional qualification is paramount for somebody who is to represent you in a legal capacity and a quick check with The Legal Society’s database should be an adequate way of confirming the credentials of solicitors in England and Wales. In addition to this, you should also check that you choose a solicitor who is an expert in the field you are dealing with; for example, there is probably not much point in consulting the person who did a wonderful job with the conveyancing during your friend’s house move if you require advice concerning an injury you received in the workplace.

Another point is that you should check for personal accessibility to your solicitor. This might mean considering if their offices are on a convenient bus route if you don’t drive, for example, or maybe if stairs are involved if you have difficulty walking or need wheelchair access. It is also worth checking if the solicitor is not regularly available on certain days, and if this is likely to be incompatible with your schedule. Whilst these issues may seem basic, not being able to meet with your solicitor face to face could hamper your ability to work comfortably with him or her or even prolong the case unnecessarily.

Cost is an issue that we all have to bear in mind, so it is worth asking what your solicitor is likely to charge at the outset. They should also be able to discuss whether you are eligible for Legal Aid and if this is permissible within their practice.

It will be helpful for you and the solicitor if you list the matters you need to be addressed and take any documentation relating to the case with you. As well as informing the solicitor, having a list will help you remember any questions you wish to ask before engaging their services.

If you require the services of a solicitor and live in the South Wales area, why not call CJCH Solicitors Cardiff or Martyn Prowel Solicitors Cardiff? Both companies employ professionals experienced in all fields of English and Welsh law. Their friendly service, with the support of their established companies, ensures that your case will be dealt with courteously, conveniently and professionally.

How Point of Sale can make your products fly off the shelf

One simple method of driving increased retail sales is through the strategic placement of Point of Sale (POS) displays. Point of sale display packaging focuses on the promotion of a single product, or several products usually belonging to the same brand; however, they are also used for promotions, seasonal goods and special offers. Stands are typically designed around the strong brand image associated with the products being advertised, in order to capture the attention of passing consumers.

The design and packaging of Point of Sale displays may vary, depending upon what best suits the placement of the display and the product on offer. Smaller products, such as confectionery, often use shelf edging for example, due to the small size of the product type. Other types may include display stands, mobile stands, or simple wall advertisements such as poster or banners.

Choosing the appropriate display and packaging for POS items is not always as straight-forward as the size of the product or the area in which to be displayed. Retailers would want to also consider other factors, for example, the risk of displaying expensive products in an area of such high traffic. In this case, using dummy packs – empty packaging carrying the same branding and logo of the product – can be beneficial. This is often employed for sales of high-value alcoholic spirits, for example.

Another benefit of POS displays can be in following the trends of the current season, such as during the festive season, Easter, Halloween and so on. Packaging that correlates strongly with the relevant holiday season can greatly enhance sales, as consumers are constantly on the lookout for a bargain befitting the season.

In any case, it’s essential to ensure that packaging is eye-catching and designed to a high quality. The packaging and POS display is what is primarily responsible for selling the product to the customer and for advertising the particular item on sale. If the quality of the packaging or display is poor, then this will not inspire confidence in the buyer that they are purchasing a quality product, and thus sales are likely to be negatively impacted.

Imagery is important, but it’s also important to ensure that the display or packaging contains important product information, for example, price tags, promotional information (buy one get one free; 2-4-1), as this information further helps to drive sales, particularly where there are free products on offer for a multi-buy or a considerable reduction in price.

Aside from strong Point of Sale displays and packaging, there are other techniques retailers can use to encourage impulse-buys for consumers at the checkout. Paying close attention to the time of year, the weather and so on, are also useful techniques. This may mean positioning umbrellas and wellies by the checkout in the wet weather; sunglasses and cool drinks in the summer, and cold and flu medications in the winter.

Reacting to all of these external factors and understanding the customer can help towards increasing sales margins from Point of Sale products and displays.

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